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Stable surfaces are real all-rounders. Ultimately they provide a soft and insulating area for lying as the living area for your horses while also taking strong impact loads and ensuring a sure footing for your horse. At the same time, a good surface for horseboxes and stables should be exactly tailored to the needs of your horses and simultaneously allow easy care and cleaning of the stable surfaces. Where previously surfaces were only spread with straw, today it is possible to save bedding through the use of innovative rubber matting, prevent health risks and significantly reduce the cost of care. Due to its excellent suitability for stable areas, surface matting has become widely accepted in numerous interior applications.

Rubber instead of concrete – the clear advantages of surface matting compared to standard stable floors


A great problem with concrete surfaces is the formation of heat bridges that often lead to skin diseases in horses. Rubber matting or matting systems are recommended here produced from insulating and environmentally neutral components and additionally harmonically cushion the impact loads of the animals. With our surface matting system, the ECORASTER sub-structure forms an additional warming air cushion that protects your horses from illnesses caused by the cold.

Lying comfort and grip

Horses prefer lying where it is comfortable and dry, and floor surfaces in a soft, lightly cushioned rubber mixture are correspondingly appropriate. As especially in horseboxes particularly high impact and point loads occur, the mats developed especially for keeping horses lend themselves to this due to their high durability and grip. They make an important contribution to reducing the risk of injury for the animals and to saving veterinary costs.

Less bedding and care

Thanks to the particularly good insulation of the rubber matting, it is possible to permanently save on bedding. The advantage for you: reduced dung volumes and correspondingly lower disposal costs. Completely removing bedding is, however, not recommended, as although it is no longer needed as bedding, it is still needed to absorb urine. The rubber surfaces also prove themselves for cleaning as they can be optimally mucked out and are resistant to ammonia.

It is your choice

Surface matting without sub-structure – the economical and practical solution:

Surface matting can be laid particularly quickly and has become widely accepted, especially for temporary surface reinforcement. The rubber surface restricts slippage, resists even high loads and is optimal for cleaning. The individual matting modules are simply laid on a clean, level concrete surface and are instantly usable. Ensure the correct temperature when installing. When it is hot the matting expands slightly: when it is cold it shrinks. For large areas, therefore, allow an expansion gap.

  • Quick to install and take up
  • Robust and hard-wearing
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • High wear resistance

A system consisting of grids and surface matting – the premium solution

Alongside its elastic properties that are gentle on the joints, the animals benefit from an even better insulation of the areas for lying and standing. The stabilizing grid sub-structure acts like a warming air cushion. Matting material and strength ensure optimum insulation and are gentle on the animals’ joints and tendons. For installation, the same rules apply as for our grids. With stable renovation, leveling using stones is normally necessary, after which the pre-mounted system is installed.

  • Unique surface stability through the ECORASTER composite system
  • Long lifetime
  • Perfect heat insulation
  • Extremely wear resistant and can be driven on
  • Easy click installation without adhesive

A common problem: unpleasant odors despite cleaning

How to counteract it

Particularly at washing areas or in horseboxes, water or urine must be able to flow away optimally. If the surface is not 100 % flat when the matting is laid, liquid can collect under the matting and, in the case of urine, lead to an enormously unpleasant odor. Thanks to the fast removal of the surface matting, a quick remedy can be provided here, however. Simply level off the uneven surface with a layer of grit and lay the matting again after cleaning onto the prepared surface.

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