Walker surfaces

The highest grip for maximum enjoyment of movement, which is what distinguishes a good walker surface.

As for all movement surfaces on a curved line, the lateral forces in the carousel also represent enormous demands on the shear strength of the surface. The horses move mainly centrally in the walkway and, as a result, the pointwise impact loads are concentrated over very few centimeters. Particularly in this area, the surface must have a high load capacity, be stable but also elastic.

In practice, in roofed or open walker systems, grids and surface matting systems are mainly used, which give the horses the highest amount of grip and stability and at the same time can be quickly cleaned.

Easily and quickly clean

One of the main problems in exercise areas is how fast they become dirty as a result of trodden-in dung. A good walker surface should therefore be easy to clean and dung should be able to be removed quickly. As with all riding applications, the principle applies that the thinner the covering of footings or sand the easier the care.

Non-slip and stable

The health of the animals is also of prime importance in the walkers. Therefore the surface should have permanently good grip. The necessary movement stimuli are provided by an anti-slip, clean surface. The horses do not cramp up and they run securely. Trip hazards such as raised grid elements or depressions are prevented by a stable surface structure joined firmly together.

For horse health

A resilient, elastic surface that is not too hard is gentle on the sensitive joints of the horses and cushions the point loads harmonically. As a result, an investment in a horse-friendly surface pays for itself after a short time, as unnecessary veterinary and care costs can be prevented.

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Our recommendation: Three-layer construction with surface grids or matting system

The higher the load the more important a stable, permeable and secure structure. From our numerous, international projects and the close cooperation with riding facility owners and professionals, we know how important reinforcement is for the good of the animal and the lifetime of the carousel surface. The classic surface structure with three layers has particularly proved itself with a permeable sub-structure and a covering either of footings or anti-slip matting systems.

  • Permanent drainage and systematic dewatering with no sealing problems
  • Securely fixed sub-structure with optimum surface load distribution
  • Separation of sub-structure and footings
  • Slip resistance and grip through increased stability between the surface layers
  • The longest lasting installation type that is the most economical in the long run
  • Year round use
  • Biological cleaning process through downwards drainage: Surface drainage


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Rubber, sand or footings - the choice is yours

Covering of sand or footings

A perfectly matched footing layer provides the horse with the highest level of riding comfort and enjoyment of movement. The surface performance can be controlled and matched to the properties of the riding area. The only disadvantage is the higher cleaning effort, as the dung is harder to remove from the footings and this has to be topped up regularly. Whether with or without roofing, in every case sufficient frost protection should be added regularly here and the drainage performance of the surface checked.

Surface matting systems, including ECORASTER separating layer

A surface installed with ECORASTER SOFTGROUND is noticeably easier to maintain and is a system firmly held together with a separating layer of ECORASTER TE40 grids and a robust, anti-slip rubber mat. The surface can be cleaned in the shortest time with standard cleaning devices or steam cleaners and can be driven on. The matting system provides the necessary stability and grip to the horse even when raining. 

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