Footing check and laboratory analysis

Save time, money and nerves. With our footing analysis, we create the basis for decisions.

Your horses’ movement is tense? Your footings are too inelastic? Is there extensive puddle formation after rain? In most cases, the solution for your problems can be found where they happen, in the riding surface. In order to be able to name these causes clearly and quickly, we simply need a sample of your footings and some information about your riding area. In the ecora laboratory, we analyze your surface for mixture, moisture content, functionality and contamination. The result is a clear evaluation with valuable tips and recommendations for optimizing your riding surface.

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Taking a footing sample

Remove approx. 1 kg of your footings and pack it in a sealable, preferably airtight, plastic bag.

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Print out and fill out PDF

Afterwards, download the following PDF, print it out, fill it out and attach it to the footing sample.

Download PDF

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Package and send to us

ecora GmbH
Footing check
Am Blätterrangen 2
D-95659 Arzberg, Germany

Action is needed for these indicators:

As soon as one or more of the following problems arise, you should have your footings analyzed as soon as possible. Do this for the good reason that prompt prevention can prevent unnecessary renovation costs.

  • Puddle formation on the footings
  • Mud in the paddock
  • Uneven riding area
  • Limited performance
  • Too little grip & riding comfort
  • Increased track formation
  • Serious frost damage noticed
  • Joint or hoof diseases and conditions for the animals
  • Contamination of the footings
  • Depressions and tripping hazards

Any other questions?

So that you get more from your riding surface in the long term, we are at your side with advice and assistance. Call us at +49 9233 7140990.