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Your expert for horse-friendly, long-lasting riding surfaces and sustainable ground reinforcement in your riding facility.

  • Reitplatz

All-weather riding surfaces ridable throughout the year for any size, every load and every discipline. Optimum riding comfort exactly tailored to your requirements.

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  • Reithalle

Frost-proof, low-dust arena surfaces including watering and drainage concept and proven proground indoor arena footings.

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  • Paddock

Species-appropriate, mud-free and maintainable paddock surfaces that can handle any load in any weather and that reliably drain water.

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  • Offenstall

Open stable surfaces reflecting natural conditions that give your horses the motivation to move and the surface qualities that they need for lying, standing and moving.

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  • Box und Stall

Anti-slip, insulating and hygienic impact protection matting, surface matting and surface matting systems for minimal bedding and maintenance costs.

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  • Zufahrtswege

Stable and anti-slip paths, feeding areas and work areas with the persuasive features of slip resistance, durability and load capacity.

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