Care of the riding area

So that you get more for longer from your riding area. The correct care for every riding surface, every discipline and every season.

Every riding surface however good it is needs regular and professional care in order to retain surface performance in the long term, to extend the useful life of your riding area and to offer your riders optimum training conditions throughout the year. And good maintenance can be learned - ultimately symptoms such as cramped movement, lameness and other rideability problems can always also be an indication for incorrect surface care. Numerous factors play an important role here, such as indoor/outdoor, load, type of discipline or the composition of the footings, in order to adjust the correct, individual maintenance mix.

Alongside daily cleaning by towing, and removal of dung and leaves, the surface should be regularly watered and loosened. At least once a year we recommend refreshing, refilling and leveling of your footings in order to counter natural wear and so that your footings continue working optimally.

This is how you profit from regular professional surface care:

  • Mud and sludge free throughout the year
  • Optimal training conditions
  • More riding comfort, hygiene and animal well-being
  • Regular refreshing of the surface performance
  • Increase in the lifetime of your area



Wear, weather and shear forces ensure irregular distribution of the footing components over the riding area. In order to reestablish performance and riding comfort, we loosen your surface and provide a homogenous mixing using appropriate machinery.



Water is the blood of the footings, because it makes the surface elastic, low-dust, anti-slip and more long lasting. Our professionals regulate the moisture level of your surface and determine the causes of defective water regulation. On request we can also take care of the necessary watering equipment.


Introduction of aggregates

All footings lose performance depending on use, weather and load. We can counteract this and provide for the addition of environmentally friendly aggregates, based on a footing analysis, that gives your surface the desired elasticity, cushioning comfort and grip again.


Flattening and leveling

So that lying water can drain easily again and trip hazards or depressions are dealt with, we flatten your riding surface, level it then with suitable levelers and reestablish the evenness of the surface of the riding area. Once a year we recommend additionally a precise, laser leveling in order to be able to quickly and simply determine large depressions in the riding surface and to eliminate them.


Removing dung and basic cleaning

Riding surfaces must always have dung removed as well and as quickly as possible in order to prevent rotting, i.e. the mixing of horse dung with the organic elements of the footings. Especially in indoor arenas where dung cannot be washed away, the sticky impurities do long-term damage to the performance of the footings. Our tip: Each person uses the shovel after a ride.



Regular cleaning, weather and decomposition cause a continuous removal of your surface. Therefore, once a year you should have the height and condition of your footings checked by a professional and missing components replaced. The height of the footings should be more than 10 cm in all cases, as less than that can result in limited moisture retention, drying out, wear and danger of slipping. If the footings are too high, on the other hand, the hooves sink in too far, usually resulting in reduced riding comfort.

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