Our promise

High-quality products, perfect service, transparent and trustworthy advice – shake on it!

As one of the leaders in quality in the riding facility field, we stand completely behind the quality of our products and services. It is the basis for a trusting working relationship, know-how transfer and fair cooperation with our customers - the key to our success. In order to make your decision easier when choosing your riding surface partner, we give you our four ecora promises.

  • 1

Tested quality

We subject our products voluntarily and regularly to strict testing processes, inter alia of TÜV-Nord, in order to protect your animals from imitation products or cheap goods from the far east. Monitored, safe quality made in Germany and always at the best price-performance ratio.

  • 2

20 year guarantee

We give you our 20 year guarantee on all maintenance-independent riding products. Maintenance-dependent products, such as riding surfaces, are given an ecora guarantee for the function at the point of acceptance.

  • 3


If your selected ECORASTER cannot be supplied within one week, you will receive the next higher quality grid for the same price. Thanks to our immediate connection to the production location, we can react quickly if required.

  • 4

Environmentally neutral

Our ECORASTER are made of high-quality, recycled plastics without exception, and can also be easily recycled again after use. They are free of harmful substances, acid resistant, compatible for horses and release no damaging plasticizers into the environment.


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