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ECORASTER – the ideal surface reinforcement and separation layer for your riding surface.

Mud-free all year, lower maintenance costs, easy to install – the top-selling grid worldwide in riding.

For over 20 years, ECORASTER has provided durable, safe and mud-free surfaces at your riding facility as one of the most reliable and successful surface reinforcement systems. The system was specially developed for the applications in riding, particularly for reinforcing riding areas, indoor riding arenas, paddocks, round pens/lunging circles and walkers. With ECORASTER, you are choosing a quality, TÜV approved, "Made in Germany" grid that has been proven worldwide with unique drainage and load properties.

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Often copied, not yet equaled – the advantages of the ECORASTER system at a glance:

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Prevention of mud and sludge

The cavities in the grid cells act as drainage chambers and drain excess water in a controlled manner to the permeable base layer. Puddles and mud are thus a thing of the past.

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Unique surface stability

The high number of connection pins in combination with the well-proven safety interlocking system is unique. The grids bear impact and point loads, cushion, and provide an optimal distribution of the surface load.

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Extreme load capacity

All grids can bear a load of up to 800 t/m2 (when filled). Thanks to the sophisticated grid geometry, the cells remain free of breakage and retain their shape even when driven over, subjected to steering maneuvers or with strong point loads in show jumping.

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Optimum riding comfort

Over 200 curved connectors per m2 provide the highest level of elasticity and optimum feel for the surface. The high impact and point loads from the horse hooves are absorbed harmonically. The load on tendons and joints is reduced and the risk of injury minimized thanks to reduced slipping phases.

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No mixing of the surface layers

The ECORASTER grid system takes on the task of a separation layer and prevents the base layer and footings from mixing. In this way, the surface functions are not weakened either by contamination from below or by clumping or abrasion from above.

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Simple installation

12 ECORASTER grids are pre-locked together in the factory as easily installed units. As a result, you can lay 1.33 m2 in a single step. All grids are securely connected with each other by conveniently clicking into the safety interlocking system. Five people can lay up to 800 m2 in two hours.

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100 % environmentally neutral

Our ECORASTER grids are exclusively produced using environmentally neutral and ammonia resistant LDPE. They are rot proof and resistant to ground frost, UV light and other environmental influences. At the same time, no harmful substances can leach into the earth or groundwater.

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Reduced maintenance costs

Thanks to the high elasticity of our grids, ECORASTER can be used without any footings and simply be filled up to the upper edge for many surface applications. Due to the ease of removing dung and effortless cleaning, maintenance costs are clearly reduced.

Regularly tested and certified

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