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Environmentally neutral riding sand, footings and aggregates for all demands and every discipline.

After years of intensive research and development work, we have successfully developed a brand that is unique, both in respect of the combination of quality and service and also the price-performance relationship. With our proground® brand range, we can offer you a large selection of complete footings and high-quality quartz sands and aggregates that provide the desired function, riding comfort and durability for your surface. Thanks to our years of experience, we can advise you comprehensively and create a riding surface that is perfectly matched to your needs, 100 % environmentally friendly and ridable throughout the year - your individual, professional riding surface.

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Why more and more professionals and riding facility owners rely on proground:

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More riding comfort and performance

As a result of the correct mixture of environmentally friendly geotextile fibers, fleece shreds or frost protection, the footings are given additional properties that are significant for your discipline and the respective season. The result: more enthusiasm for movement, greater performance and more riding days in the year.

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Greater safety

Our components consist exclusively of environmentally friendly and recoverable surface components. All additives used are tested dermatologically in a scrupulous preliminary stage and tested by a specialist team for environmental friendliness.

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More service for your footings

Good advice is worth its weight in gold, particularly for the correct mixture. Therefore, we analyze the quality of your surface in a footing check, evaluate the situation and external influences on your area, discuss your preferred orientation and then mix the perfectly tailored, branded footings together with you.

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