Walkers from ecora

From starter models to roofed, high-end solutions.

Ideal for beginners or professionals - walkers and exercise areas extendable in a modular system that can grow with your needs.

Movement is indispensable for the healthy development and vitality of your horses. After all, in the wild, horses travel up to 50 km in a day. As the competent partner for your riding facility, we can offer you a wide range of high-quality ecora walkers. Thanks to the proven modular design, our systems are ideally suitable as starter models and can be expanded and extended as needed at any time. Alongside the optimum price-performance ratio, you get a TÜV-certified and horse-appropriate carousel – on request with all expansion levels, such as enclosure, roof, motorization, sprinkler system or an electric shock system. 

Configure your walker exactly according to your needs

Thanks to the sophisticated modular design, our exercise systems adapt to your budget, area of application and training methods - an optimal basis to make up for a lack of movement for your horses and to carry out training of your animals in the desired gaits in a controlled manner. On request we can also supply tailored walker surfaces at the same time. Simply send us an inquiry by e-mail or call us. We would be happy to advise you.

  • Walkers with floor or ceiling drive
  • Various motor options and arms
  • Diameters from 15 – 20 m, including custom production
  • Number of horses from 4 to 8
  • Open, with track or complete roofing
  • Various fencing options
  • Current pulse
  • Flexible drift fences
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Walker floors

The advantages of our ecora walkers:

  • 1

Simple self-assembly

ecora walkers can easily be self-assembled for every version using the supplied assembly instructions.

  • 2

Can be expanded as required at any time

Whether beginner or professional, our walkers can be tailored individually to your training situation, the number of horses or your requirements in a modular fashion.

  • 3

Outstanding for price and performance

Our walkers are TÜV-certified and have proven themselves hundreds of times already worldwide in professional and amateur sport. Economical, durable systems for optimum enjoyment of movement.

On request: Construction and installation service by ecora

So you can concentrate on the important things! We are happy to support you on-site by building your walker. Our trained ecora experts come directly to your riding facility and look after the complete implementation on-site from beginning to end.

  • The two riding professionals Manuel Prause and Nadja Schmittlein for ecora

Together we assemble your new walker with you

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