Horsebox matting and stable matting

Anti-slip, soft and easy-care – indoor surfaces for all situations.

Insulating and hygienic surface matting and surface matting systems for versatile use in stalls, stables and walkers.

Our ecora surface matting proves itself in the widest variety of indoor and outdoor applications. These include horse living areas such as stable floors, paddocks or stalls, the design of areas for lying in open and active stables and anti-slip, elastic walker surfaces. Developed especially for keeping horses, the health and happiness of the animal along with the themes of hygiene and ease of care are clearly given high importance. Depending on durability, load and budget, you have the choice between our high-quality and highly durable surface rubber mat T-shape stone, the quickly installed economy Allround surface matting or the impact resistant protect impact protection mat.

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The advantages of our ecora surface matting solutions:

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Our surface matting is made exclusively of an insulating and heat insulating mix of materials. 

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Species appropriate

The high quality, soft plastic components make our surface matting shock absorbing and gentle on the joints. All of our products are 100 % appropriate for horses, environmentally neutral and resistant to acids and ammonia.

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Robust and anti-slip

Our mats are anti-slip, very resilient and withstand high driving loads, are impact resistant and extremely hard-wearing. Even when wet they ensure optimum grip and a secure footing for the animals.

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Simple to install and take up

Effortless, simple installation, even for stables and surfaces that are not 100 % straight. The individual surface mat elements are joined together in an extremely short time. If needed, both mats and mat systems can be quickly taken up.

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Simple care

Our surface matting can be quickly and easily cleaned with standard steam cleaners. Thanks to their insulating properties, the amount of bedding and thus also the volume of material when mucking out can be noticeably reduced.

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