The ecoground complete riding surface

The all-in-one riding surface for all disciplines.

ecoground – your complete, professional riding surface including base layer, separation layer and footings.

With ecoground, we present our “all-in-one” riding surface system to you for all popular riding applications. A perfectly tailored riding surface in the proven three-layer construction with a permeable stone base layer, ECORASTER separation layer and an individually mixed footing layer with high-quality quartz sands and aggregates. Enjoy the advantages of a complete riding surface system with matched elements both in tournament and amateur sport.

The advantages of ecoground

No puddle or mud formation

The interaction between the aggregates regulating the water and the proven drainage effect of our ECORASTER grids prevents the formation of mud and puddles.

Perfectly matched

Every riding discipline makes different demands on the properties and characteristics of a riding surface. Due to the optimum, expert matching of quartz sands and aggregates, we adapt your ecoground optimally to your requirements for footing depth, elasticity and shear strength.

Weatherproof in all seasons

With ecoground, you can ride the whole year on an outstandingly prepared, functional riding surface. Through the use of environmentally friendly additives, the footings are made frost resistant and ensure unproblematic riding even after intensive precipitation.

Easy care

Even ecoground has to be maintained regularly! However, we reduce your maintenance costs with optimum matching of the surface properties, functional water regulation and the use of particularly durable components.

Elastic and durable

When riding, the surface gives slightly but still provides the horse hoof with sufficient stability and control without sinking in. Based on the riding discipline, both the elasticity and hardness of the footings are matched.

Absolutely environmentally neutral

ecoground consists of 100 % environmentally friendly and recyclable surface components. All aggregates added are scrupulously tested in advance and checked for environmental friendliness.

Complete surface, complete service

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Top consultancy

Non-binding footing check, area inspection and a personal meeting in advance – naturally on-site.

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Planning, design, delivery, installation, including matching of the sands and aggregates and the final handover – everything from a single source.

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Maintenance and care

Maintenance, seasonal care activities, leveling, dung removal, loosening, renewing – regular riding surface care for even more enjoyment from your riding area.

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