Paths and feeders

The correct purpose is what makes the surface. Sensibly reinforced paths and feeders for your riding facility.

The paths and walkways in a riding facility are subjected to the very different loads from horse, human and machine. They form a wide network as walkways for the horses to bridge impassable land and also as roadways and transport routes for heavy maintenance machines and motorized feed transportation. Exactly because of these differing loads, these routes often turn into mud and sludge paths even after small amounts of precipitation, where tires can get stuck and hooves slip. The solution: a reinforced surface matched to the degree of load.

Our recommendation for medium load: Installation without sub-structure

As a rule, the single layer construction is the most economical and practical solution for paths. To start, a fleece layer is laid on the prepared natural soil. In the next step, the reinforcement is carried out with ECORASTER grids, either TE40 or TP40. With this installation, you should however note that the surface drainage is only as good as it was before laying the grids.

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Path requirements

When installing paths, you should first answer the question of what the purpose is. An all-round path loaded by heavy machinery and horses places higher demands on the surface structure than a surface only used by animals. Other important planning factors are the existing slopes and the continuous water drainage in order to ensure long-term reinforcement. With most path applications in riding facilities, no separate sub-structure is necessary.

  • Mud free
  • Weather resistant
  • Resistant to de-icing salt and animal friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Extreme load capacity

Feeders requirements

More and more horse owners rely on species-appropriate, natural animal husbandry. That also means that the natural feeding behavior of the horses is facilitated and feeders are designed as individually and flexibly as possible. A surface for a feeder or feeding machines should thus be as easy to move and reinstate as possible - its design is correspondingly simple. One of the most well-proven solutions for this is reinforcement with grids, which are installed on the natural soil without a sub-structure and then filled.

  • Mud free
  • Anti-slip
  • Fast to reinstall
  • Resistant to condensation
  • Animal friendly and environmentally neutral

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One of our path and feeders references

Reitplatz Regenstauf – paths and feeders

Feeders and paths at the Isländerhof Vindmylla

Reinforcement of over 500 m2 of paths and feeders at the certified Isländerhof Vindmylla.

Project description

Before the Icelandic horses were brought to the facility in Regenstauf, a part of the reinforcement had already been laid at a different point. Ms Weber was so impressed by ECORASTER that after the move of the facility she started many other projects and applications with ecora. As ECORASTER can be seamlessly extended, the installation and extension was possible quickly and easily.

Thanks to ecora, the Icelandic horses at Vindmylla always have the best exercise and feeding possibilities, in all weathers.  Liquids can drain away and the daily care is also significantly reduced.

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