Riding facility in Korea – circle

ECORASTER® goes Korea

Our ECORASTER as a reliable separating layer for the circle at the KRA Racing facility.


  • Year of implementation: 2015
  • Nature of surface: Old sand surface without proper substrate
  • Area: 240 m²
  • Construction time: 2 days
  • Customer: KRA Racing, Korea

Project description

The quality of our ECORASTER has become known as far as Korea now. As a result we were commissioned with the surface renovation of a 240 m2 circle at the KRA Racing facility. One of the main problems of the old surface was the complete lack of any reinforcement and sand that was not matched. The result: As a result of regular lunging a significant track had formed and there was hardening in the whole circle.

First the old surface was removed from the circle and the surface was graded. Afterwards, ECORASTER TE30 was installed on the movement surface and then covered with high-grip, shear resistant riding sand.

Products used for this reference