Access and storage areas

So that ruts and potholes are things of the past.

Mud, ruts, washing out and potholes are normally the result of heavily overloading the surface, which additionally loses stability from erosion and weather.

A well reinforced, permeable surface saves soil sealing taxes, retains the natural ground functions and fits harmoniously into the natural surroundings of your riding facility. From an economic perspective as well, reinforcement with grids is clearly more economical than applying asphalt with respect to work effort, materials and working hours.

A stable sub-structure is more than decisive

It functions as a supporting structure for the overlying earth layers. Particularly for heavy loads by agricultural machinery or tractors it is the basis for a functional distribution of the surface load and a stable, homogenous surface. Even abrupt steering movements or maneuvering are no problem with appropriate reinforcement. At the same time, it takes on the role of a natural filter and directs the water cleanly into the ground.

Never get stuck again – the advantage of a good drainage system

The water regulation of our grids along with the underlying stone layer allows permanent draining of the water into the permeable base layer. No lying water or puddles form on the surface that could transform your access into an unstable muddy path after long periods of precipitation. However, always take note during installation that the best drainage is worthless if the water cannot drain through the natural soil and so backs up.

  • Illustration der Dreischichtbauweise auf dem Reitplatz

Our recommendation: Three-layer construction

First sub-structure, then base, drainage and filling. During construction, make sure that permeable material such as broken or recycled rock and lava chips or course recycling sand is used in order to not restrict the drainage effect and avoid clogging the grids.

  • Permanent drainage and systematic dewatering with no sealing problems
  • Securely fixed sub-structure, load distribution over the surface
  • Can be driven on all year
  • Biological cleaning process through downwards drainage: Surface drainage
  • No soil sealing taxes


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A selected access reference

Farming – access

ECORASTER® ideal for access and storage areas

Reinforcement of access with ECORASTER grids in a renowned Swiss farming operation. 

Project description

ECORASTER grids are very durable and robust, and therefore ideally suited for access and storage areas. The grids have a high level of form stability and are well suited to the reinforcement of access and storage areas. ECORASTER grids fulfill all requirements for an ecological surface reinforcement system without sealing the surface. The recycled and durable grids in pure polyethylene are also completely environmentally neutral. With the small surface of the module and its low weight, the installation is also decidedly easy.

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