Frost protection

The perfect all-weather protection

For riding areas ridable all year round.

Frost protection

Product description

The aggregate for frost proof outdoor and indoor riding areas.

protherm is an environmentally friendly aggregate based on magnesium chloride that prevents the surface freezing. In this way, your riding area is also ridable during the winter months. Alongside its disinfectant effect, protherm extracts water from the surface into the ground and thus prevents drying out of the footings, even with permanent frost.

As a dosage we recommend approx. 0.5 kg protherm per square meter. Do not use the individual aggregates without professional advice and instructions! Using too much or too little can destroy the balance of the surface and not allow individual functions of the footings to have their most effect!

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Technical Specification

  • Content: Magnesium chloride
  • Indoor/Outdoor: yes

Applicable for

  • Indoor riding arena

  • Outdoor riding area

  • Paddocks

  • Walkers

  • Open and active stable

  • Circles and round-pen

  • Paths and feeders

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