More elasticity for your riding place

For optimum grip, shock absorption and structure.


Product description

protex consists mainly of high-quality geotextiles that are important for protecting horse joints and to give your riding surface the required cushioning comfort.

protex is a special mixture of high-quality textile fibers and textile fleece. The fibers give structure to the footings by integrating the sand grains more strongly with each other. The fleece component provides, on the other hand, for the elastic counterpart and harmonically cushions impacts and movements of the horses. Do not use the individual aggregates without professional advice and instructions! Using too much or too little can destroy the balance of the surface and not allow individual functions of the footings to have their most effect!

Delivery times on request.

Technical Specification

  • Content: Textile fibers, textile fleece
  • Indoor/Outdoor: yes

Applicable for

  • Indoor riding arena

  • Outdoor riding area

  • Paddocks

  • Open and active stable

  • Walkers

  • Circles and round-pen

  • Paths and feeders

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