Riding sand

High-quality quartz and filling sand for riding

Prepared and mixed exactly for you and your requirements.

Riding sand

Product description

Natural quartz sands as the basis for the footings.

Sand is not simply sand! Particularly in riding, the riding comfort and enjoyment of movement of the horses is directly connected to the grain shape, hardness, grain size and the composition of the sand. Please note that the incorrect choice of sand can soon lead to health problems for the animals, weather related aftereffects and to reductions in safety. In most cases, the whole footings fail. We give you extensive advice on which sand should be used for your riding area. Afterwards, our environmentally neutral proground riding sands are selected individually for your requirements and combined. Particularly pure cubic to round natural quartz sands are used that have particularly low wear properties and, in contrast to river sand, remain permeable. The coarser the sand, the lower its impact resistance and water storing property.

Delivery times on request.

Technical Specification

  • Natursand: Quartz sand, filling sand
  • Kornform: Round to oval
  • Korngröße: Maximum 2 mm
  • Indoor/Outdoor: yes

Applicable for

  • Indoor riding arena

  • Outdoor riding area

  • Paddocks

  • Walkers

  • Open and active stable

  • Circles and round-pen

  • Paths and feeders

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