proground Allround

The all-rounder among footings

For elastic and anti-slip riding comfort in every discipline.

proground Allround

Product description

One for all! proground Allround is a versatile, shear resistant, all-weather footing material for practically all riding area applications.

Whether dressage, show jumping or western riding, with these footings all the different riding disciplines can be practiced on one and the same riding surface. The interplay between the different types of sand and specially selected aggregates gives the proground Allround the highest level of flexibility, grip and shear resistance. Thanks to the inclusion of frost protection components, it can be ridden on throughout the year. Its tailored mixture makes it particularly easy care and promotes binding of dust. Our Allround footing material particularly proves itself on riding areas without clear disciplinary direction, round pens, preparation areas, lunging areas and multi-use areas.

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Technical Specification

  • Sand: Quartz riding sand 0.125 mm
  • Aggregates: Frost protection, fleece pieces and fibers
  • Weatherproof: yes
  • Indoor/Outdoor: yes

Applicable for

  • Outdoor riding area

  • Walkers

  • Circles and round-pen

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