Curve element

The practical curving element

For particularly shear resistant and anti-slip curve sections with high lateral forces.

Curve element

Product description

Connecting element for use in curves.

Install ECORASTER with ease and even in curves with just a few clicks. Thanks to the curving element, you can install our ECORASTER TE40, TP40, TR40, TS50 and TE50 with ease and securely in curved surface sections - naturally also in uneven terrain.

Delivery times on request.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 320 mm x 54 mm x 40/50 mm
  • Material: 100 % recycling material PE (polyethylene)

Applicable for

  • Outdoor riding area

  • Circles and round-pen

  • Paddocks

  • Paths and feeders

  • Access and storage areas

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