Prominent support for our expert team – Nadja Schmittlein and Manuel Prause are official ecora representatives.

Experience meets product development – an unbeatable team! Since the founding of the company it has been a particularconcern to include elite athletes and experienced riders in the development of our stable and riding surface products. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to be able to greet Nadja Schmittlein and Manuel Prause, two well-known people from the riding scene and both nationally and internationally successful riding professionals, into the ecora team as official representatives. Their suggestions and practical experience are valuable feedback for us to continually align our ecora products at the highest expectations. From now on, they are available both in a consultancy role and as ambassadors for our quality concept behind the ecora brand.

Nadja Schmittlein

Nadja Schmittlein starts for RC Küps, is from Neustadt near Coburg (Bavaria) and counts as one of Germany’s upcoming riders in show jumping. As a nationally successful rider up to the advanced level, she ably combines study and elite sport, and in 2016 is preparing to make the jump to the international riding stage.

Manuel Prause

Born in Lengenfeld (Vogtland), he is one of the established performers in German show jumping. Nationally and internationally successful at the top level, the registered horse trainer is also in demand as an instructor outside of professional sport. At the Arndt riding facility in Löbnitz since 2009, Manuel has specialized in the training of problem horses and top jumping horses and supports scouts and stable owners in the search for talented jumping horses and future talent.