Reitanlage Neustadt – walker and movement track

New walker at the Grüne Au riding facility in Neustadt

The best movement stimuli thanks to a modular ecora walker, including the matching movement track. 


  • Year of implementation: 2016
  • Nature of surface: Natural soil
  • Area: 100 m², 16 m diameter
  • Construction time: 1.5 days separating layer, 4 days walker self assembled
  • Customer: Reitanlage Grüne Au, 96465 Neustadt b. Coburg OT Wildenheid

Project description

The new walker for the Schmittlein family creates optimum movement conditions for the horses. In the process, it can be seen once more that it is not just the machine but also the surface that provides the movement stimuli. The stabilizing separating layer, in this case of ECORASTER TE40, makes an enormously important contribution to increasing the slip resistance and also the shear resistance of the surface.

Thanks to the help of “Bob” Bernd Briese, the surface in the walker was installed within 1 ½ days. At the beginning, the upper surface was graded and a gradient established so that rainwater can easily run off. Afterwards, the ECORASTER was installed, filled with grit and then covered with sand.

After completing the surface and footing work, the walker could be self assembled by the riding facility team thanks to the easily understood assembly instructions. The result: Optimum training possibilities in almost any weather.

Products used for this reference