Reitanlage Langenbernsdorf – walker and movement track

New walker including the associated surface for the Stude stable.

A perfect combination – ecora walker and an easy-care movement track in rubber stones.


  • Year of implementation: 2016
  • Nature of surface: Natural soil/grass
  • Area: 100 m² / 15 m diameter
  • Construction time: 4 days
  • Customer: Reiterhof Stude, 08428 Langenbernsdorf

Project description

On an area of unused field, the Stude family erected a completely new walker. The natural soil was removed at the beginning and graded with broken rock. After the edges for the movement surface had been defined, filling with broken rock was carried out, followed by compacting and concreting of the walker surface. After the surface had hardened, the rubber stones from ecora were laid. Thanks to the easily understood assembly instructions, the Stude family were able to easily build the walker themselves.