Reitanlage Neustadt – paddock surface

Paddock renovation at the Reitanlage Grüne Au in Neustadt

Finally mud free, paddock surfaces usable throughout the year thanks to ECORASTER.


  • Year of implementation: 2016
  • Nature of surface: Natural soil
  • Area: 180 m²
  • Construction time: 3 days
  • Customer: Reitanlage Grüne Au, 96465 Neustadt bei Coburg

Project description

The paddock for the riding facility presented an extremely muddy state after several days of continuous rain. The horses felt correspondingly bad and sometimes sank up to their fetlocks. The care was also extremely difficult and costly as a result of the accumulation of mud. The ground was uneven, loamy and it was difficult for the water to run off. The solution: a new, elastic, shear resistant paddock surface based on the water regulating ECORASTER separating layer.

Within 3 days, the complete paddock had been renovated. First the upper surface was removed and then a gradient of 1.5 % established so that excess rainwater could easily run off. Afterwards, a bed of grit was added and the ECORASTER quickly and stably installed thanks to the safety locking system. At Nadja’s riding facility, in the paddock the ECORASTER TE40 grid, the surface matting system ECORASTER Softground and ECORASTER Bloxx are in use.