Reitanlage Feilitzsch – outdoor riding area

Outdoor riding area renovation in Feilitzsch

Filling, refreshing and leveling of the riding surface at the riding facility in Feilitzsch.


  • Year of implementation: 2011 and 2016
  • Nature of surface: irregular
  • Area: 800 m²
  • Construction time: ½ day
  • Customer: Anne Ladegast, 95183 Feilitzsch

Project description

Every otherwise good riding surface will wear after some years and need professional renovation. This was also the case for Ms Ladegast, who had ecora install a complete riding area back then. Due to the heavy demands and the intensive influence of weather, some optimization measures were unavoidable. In the course of time, the footings had slightly shifted due to lunging, riding, etc. A further problem was that the footings at some points were only 3 cm deep, whereas at other points they were with 12 cm much too deep. Thanks to “Bob” Bernd Briese and his work machines with laser technology, the riding area could be leveled quickly.

At the beginning, the footings were loosened, then the area was graded using laser control so that the height of the sand was once again 10 cm deep overall. Afterwards, the riding area was rolled and then raked with spring tines. Now Ms Ladegast can once again train at her riding area in the best conditions.