Hofer Springtage – outdoor riding area

Warming up area at the Hofer Springtagen tournament 2014 with proground Allround and protex.

High riding comfort even with continual rain. Promptly for the traditional Hofer Springtagen tournament, our footings presented themselves in the best shape at the warming up area. The feedback from the organizer and professionals speaks for itself.


  • Year of implementation: 2014
  • Area: 2000 m²
  • Construction time: 7 days
  • Customer: Hofer Springtage

Project description

From August 14th - August 17th 2014, the local and national riding scene met for the renowned Hofer Springtagen of the rural riding and driving club. Four days dominated by riding with numerous top riders and a varied supporting program – of jumping events for class A to S**.

Problem and implementation

In the course of the tournament planning, we were assigned the task of implementing the outdoor warming up area. A surface area of roughly 2000 square meters that was completed one week before the tournament began. Due to the different jumping classes, our proground Allround footings were used, which due to the heavy riding frequency, we additionally enriched with protex geotextile fibers.

Proven under extreme conditions

The quality and performance of footings are proven particularly under extreme weather and usage conditions. Throughout the whole tournament weekend, the weather in Hof showed its moody side. Continual rain and intensive use of the area in a very short time made great demands on the riding surface. Despite these weather conditions, our footings were convincing throughout the time. From the perfect surface structure and the grip up to optimum surface elasticity - exactly the right conditions for great riding.

The feedback

ZNumerous riding surface orders and inquiries at the site, as well as the consistently positive feedback from the riding professionals and organizers underline the performance of our footings. “The new ecora footings on our warming up area has enthused all of us and, despite the heavy use and extreme rain, completely convinced us. The personal advice, the service and the absolutely professional quality have shown us that we chose the right partner with ecora” (Reitverein Hof, Hofer Springtage 2014, Tournament Manager Hermann Enders).

At this point we would like to thank all organizers, riders and helpers for the good collaboration before and during the tournament, and we are looking forward already to the tournament weather in the coming year.

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