Reitanlage Oberkotzau – open stable

SOFTGROUND for the Haideck finca

Reinforcement of an open stable turnout with ECORASTER SOFTGROUND.


  • Year of implementation: 2010
  • Nature of surface: Muddy, slippery
  • Area: 30 m²
  • Customer: Finca Haideck Marion und Siegmund Guhs GbR, Haideck 2, 95145 Oberkotzau

Project description

Due to high loads and weather influences, the surface in the turnout for the open stable had become extremely slippery and muddy. After a personal consultation, Marion und Siegfried Guhs chose our ECORASTER SOFTGROUND matting system for the surface reinforcement.

In a first step, the ground surface in front of the stable was leveled and compacted. Afterwards, a permeable layer of coarse quartz sand was laid as a substrate, onto which the pre-assembled ECORASTER SOFTGROUND grids were installed. Thanks to the soft and extremely wear resistant rubber mixture, the surface matting system impresses with its shock cushioning properties that are gentle on joints and ensures optimum grip and secure footing for the horses even when wet. In curved sections the surface matting system could be easily cut to shape with a standard buzz saw.

The result: a securely reinforced turnout, insulating and slip free rubber surfaces without water retention or mud.