Reitanlage Hohenkammer – open stable

Renovation of an open stable with grids and rubber mats.

Anti-slip, easy care open stable surfaces for the Hohenkammer stable.


  • Year of implementation: 2016
  • Nature of surface: Turnout muddy, roofed surface with damaged mats reinforced
  • Area: 1 pallet of ECORASTER® TE30, 11 Economy surface matting
  • Construction time: 1 day
  • Customer: Brigitte Ingold, 85411 Hohenkammer

Project description

Already in 2014 a part of the turnout had been reinforced with ECORASTER TE30. Two years later, Ms Ingold also trusted an ecora product for the reinforcement of her roofed open stable surfaces - the anti-slip economy surface matting. The starting situation was a heavily used indoor surface with damaged mats from a competitor that were unable to cope with the loads from the horse hooves and environmental influences. Furthermore, there were significant problems with the slip resistance for the animals.

Thanks to its low weight and the well designed tongue and groove connection, the surface matting could be installed by the team at the riding facility themselves in only one day. Thanks to the closed surface, no liquid can lie under the matting and unpleasant odors cannot form. If necessary, damaged mat elements can be replaced at any time.