Reitanlage Kail – indoor riding arena surface

New western indoor riding arena with the perfect western surface from ecora

Our ECORASTER for self installation as the base for the best, safe slides.


  • Year of implementation: 2014
  • Nature of surface: Natural soil
  • Area: 350 m²
  • Construction time: approx. 3 days
  • Customer: Westernreithof auf den großen Gärten, Alexander Berg, 56829 Kail

Project description

At the western stable “auf den großen Gärten” in Kail, a new indoor riding arena has been built focused on the discipline of western. In the process, Mr Berg made a conscious decision for a western riding surface from ecora.

At the beginning, the natural soil was removed and a lava sub-structure created. In the next step, the whole area was raked over with a grit layer and our ECORASTER TE40 laid as a separating layer. Thanks to the easily understood installation instructions, it was easily possible for Mr Berg and his helpers to install the grids in a very short time. After reinforcing the surface, the grids were filled with grit and then covered with loose western sand. ECORASTER as the substrate is also most suitable for western riders, and even “sliding stops are no problem” according to Alexander Berg.

Products used for this reference